Dachshunds In Minion Costumes, Star Wars Outfits, And More

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Have you ever wanted to see your dachshunds in minion costume pieces from the Despicable Me franchise? How about a Star Wars costume? Or a superhero costume? All of these can look amazing, whether for Halloween or for any other day.

Finding the right outfit can take time, however. So, to help you out a bit, we’ve gathered some of our favorite pet costumes you can find on the internet here.

Dachshunds In Minion Costume

Who wouldn’t want to put a dashing dachshund minion outfit on their Doxie like these adorable pups here? If you want your dog to look like that here are a few similar suggestions.

Minions Despicable Me Dog Halloween Costume

This full-back costume comes in five different sizes. It’s also made out of a soft and itch-free fabric.

Costume Company Minion Stuart Arms Pet Suit

This minion Bob full-frontal costume is made out of 100% polyester and can be adjusted for many different dog breeds and sizes.

Rubie’s Minion Pet Costume

This licensed Despicable Me costume has a cute headpiece and a comfortable full-back jacket.

Dachshund In Superhero Costume

If dachshunds In minion costumes aren’t your thing, how about a superhero costume? We all know Doxies have the heart of Superman so why not make them look like him too at least for a day?

DC Comics Batman Pet Costume

One of the few things funnier than the classic 1960s Batman costume is a dachshund in a 1960s Batman costume.

Captain America Dog Costume

Make your Doxie the hero of the night with this full-body Captain America costume.

DC Comics Wonder Woman Pet Costume

Help your lady dachs look as strong and fierce as she actually is would this Wonder Woman costume.

DC Comics Robin Pet Costume

Give your favorite companion a licensed boy wonder suit with a cape so that he can keep your back safe too.

DC Comics Superman Shirt and Cape Pet Costume

This Superman shirt with a flowing cape can look great on ant dog thanks to its many size variants.

Spiderman Dog Costume

This classic polyester full-back Spider-Man costume can make your dachshund the hero of the night.

Dachshund In Mickey Mouse Costume

Mickey Mouse is still an incredibly popular pet costume motif and for good reasons. If you want your dachs to look like the world’s most famous rodent for a night, check out the following few costumes.

Bayou Mickey Costume

This Mickey suit comes with a hoodie, a full-frontal piece with pants, as well as a full-back cover.


Mickey & Friends Pet Costume Accessory

If you don’t want the full costume you can just get this ears-only pet costume accessory for your Doxy.

Dog Costume Micky Mouse

You can also get this full-back Mickey Mouse costume with pants and ears without a frontal pants side.

Mickey & Friends Pet Costume

This piece from the Rubie series comes in several different sizes and has side arms to make you a Doxie, even more, Mickey Mouse-like.

Dachshund Star Wars Costume

Is your Doxie is the Chosen One or is it Darth Dachs, The Devourer Of Treats? Or is it just a bantha? With these cool Star Wars doggie costumes, you can decide pretty easily.

Bantha Costume

This slightly less heroic but incredibly cute bantha costume comes with the horned hoodie and a Tusken Raider seated on the back.

Star Wars Yoda Pet Costume

Give your Doxy the lightsaber it needs to protect your family with this full-frontal Yoda costume with a plush saber and a hoodie.

Star Wars Princess Leia Pet Costume

This adorable Princess Leia costume comes with a classic hair buns headpiece as well as in several different sizes.

Star Wars Walking Stormtrooper Pet Costume

Isn’t he a little short to be a stormtrooper? Doesn’t matter, your dachshunds will steal the show we this costume and headpiece combo.

Star Wars Ewok Pet Costume

Turn your fluffy buddy into an even fluffier buddy with the Star Wars Ewok polyester costume.

Star Wars Darth Vader Pet Costume

Turn your dog into a Lord of the Sith with this black jumpsuit, chest piece, decorative stuffed arms, a cape, as well as a headpiece.

Hot Dog Costumes For Dachshunds

Hot dogs for hot dogs may feel a bit on the nose to the more cynical among us but there’s nothing wrong with this classic look. Get your canine sausage between two fabric buns and let the fun begin!

POPETPOP Hot Dog Design Pet Costume

A full-body hot dog suit with a hoodie, this model comes in multiple different sizes a suitable for various dog breeds.

Casual Canine Hot Diggity Dog Costume

Perfect for Doxies as well as other small and long breeds, this Hot Diggity Dog costume can come with either ketchup or mustard.

Petitebella Hotdog Puppy Dog Costume

The buns on this costume a filled with cotton and the hot dog itself is dressed with lettuce for an extra cute look.

Dachshunds In Minion Costume, Superheroes, Star Wars, Or Any Other – How To Pick Them?

Unlike doggie clothes and coats that are meant for cold weather or doggie harnasses, fun costumes are much easier to pick. They don’t need to keep your dog warm or to last 15+ years of continuous wear and tear. Instead, they just need to be a good fit for your weenie dog, to look fun, and to be durable enough for the occasional holiday use.

After all, you aren’t going to force your dog to wear a Spiderman costume 24/7 all year round right? Am additional consideration would be to pick costumes with materials that are at least safe. Everything we’ve suggested above is made out of quality materials that don’t pose any risk but you never know what you’ll find on the internet.

So, pick your Doxie something cute and comfy and the two of you will be the stars of the show.

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