15 Dogs That Get Along With Dachshunds

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Dachshunds are one of the most popular pet breeds but do they get along with other canines? Here are 15 dogs that get along with dachshunds. We’ll also cover breeds that are similar to dachshunds, whether and why you’d need a second dog in the first place, other non-canine pets, and more.

Are Dachshunds Good With Other Dogs?

Doxies are known for much more than their stumpy legs and elongated bodies. They are also famous for their strong personalities, head-strong attitude, and stubborn nature. Additionally, they are also scent hounds bred for chasing down and engaging badgers, foxes, and rabbits.

What does this mean for their sociability, however? Foxes are canines too, after all, so, would a dachshund be feisty with another dog? What if said dog is significantly smaller than the dachshund? Would your Doxie perceive it as prey? What if your other dog is significantly larger than your Doxie? Do dachshunds have Napoleon Complex?

In a word – no, on all accounts. Dachshunds get along pretty well with most other dogs, almost regardless of size. While foxes are indeed canines, it’s worth remembering that – when they hunt – dachshunds do so in packs. So, as long as your Doxie perceives the other canine as a member of its own pack, there should be no predatory aggression.

As for the Napoleon Complex, it’s well-known that this isn’t breed-specific nor established in biology. Instead, Napoleon Complex gets formed when dog owners ignore their small dogs’ aggressive outbursts because “they are just so cute!” and that’s something people tend to do with smaller dogs rather than larger ones. After all, when your giant Rottweiler starts being aggressive, “so cute” isn’t people’s immediate instinct.

So, on the one hand, standard dachshunds are large enough (i.e. medium-sized) that their owners rarely ignore their aggressive outbursts. On the other hand, they are also not so large that they’d perceive even smaller dogs as prey. So, whether or not your Doxie will get along with another dog is mostly a matter of finding the right personality match-up.

How To Find The Right Dog For Your Dachshund?

Dachshunds are individualists and so any other dog you bring home will have to match your Doxie’s personality. There isn’t a one-size-fits-all rule here but the dogs that get along with dachshunds tend to be the ones that share their temperament. So, if your dachshund is more playful and outgoing, you’d want a dog that has the same energy. And, if your dachshund is more reserved, you’d do best to find a similarly calm and restrained dog.

And, if you already have another dog and you want to bring a dachshund home, the same calculation applies – you’ll need to find a Doxie with the right personality for your dog. Adopting is a great way to do that as you’d have greater insight into what the dog’s personality is going to be like. If you insist on buying/getting a puppy, make sure that you see how the pup interacts with the rest of its litter and its parents – this will further give you insight into what kind of pup the dog is going to grow up into.

Are There Specific Dogs That Get Along With Dachshunds?

Any dog-friendly canine should get along with canines. Dachshunds are pack hunters and so they can get along with any dog breed as long as it too is dog-friendly.

What Are The 15 Dogs That Get Along With Dachshunds?

The dogs compatible with dachshunds are numerous. Realistically, dogs of any breed can get along with dachshunds if they get enough socialization. But, to give you some ideas, here are the X more canine-friendly dogs that get along with dachshunds better than most:

  1. Labrador Retriever
  2. Golden Retriever
  3. Cocker Spaniel
  4. Vizsla
  5. Basset Hound
  6. Poodle
  7. Goldendoodle
  8. Labradoodle
  9. Maltipoo
  10. Peekapoo
  11. Barbet
  12. Bolognese
  13. English Foxhound
  14. Great Dane
  15. Pug

What Are The 15 Dogs That Get Along With Dachshunds

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But, again, all this is dependent on how well you introduce and socialize the two dogs. In reality, there are hundreds of breeds of dogs that get along with dachshunds as long as you match the two animals’ personalities.

In Conclusion, What Are The Dogs That Get Along With Dachshunds?

The short of it all is that all dogs can get along with dachshunds. Big and small, outgoing and reserved, hounds and shepherds – as long as the dog is socialized, well-trained, friendly, and is introduced to your Doxie adequately, there should be no problems between them. The first week or so of any interaction is crucial so you just need to get that right and the rest should go nicely from there.

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Why would you need a second dog?

Doxies are social, smart, and playful. This makes them quite affected by separation anxiety as well as boredom and loneliness. While a second dog isn’t a full replacement for your attention, it can be a great additional companion for your Doxie.

How to introduce a dachshund to another dog?

The rules for introducing a dachshund to another dog or vice versa are the same as with any other canine pair. First, you need to make sure that both dogs are adequately socialized. Next, it’s all about finding the right slow and steady approach. If your first dog is territorial, introducing the two to each other outside is a smart idea. Then, just bring them home when you feel they are interacting well and make sure neither of them is encroaching on the other’s personal space for a while.

Do dachshunds get along with non-canine pets?

Dachshunds are hounds and hounds are famous for being problematic when it comes to non-canine pets. Doxies are better than most hounds, however, in that their prey drive is easily superseded by their pack instincts. So, as long as you socialize your dachshund with your cat properly and your dog learns to perceive the other animal as a member of the family/pack, everything should be all right. That being said, having pet rabbits, hamsters, or mice roaming around the house is probably not a good idea.