German Shepherd Mixed With Wiener Dog – A Magical Combination

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In the world of canine mixed breeds, there are a lot of peculiar combinations but few are more fascinating than a German Shepherd mixed with wiener dog. Also called a Dachshund Shepherd for short, this breed feels like something that shouldn’t exist, at least on paper. However, the end result of this cross is a loyal, social, protective, and playful dog.

What Does The Dachshund Shepherd Look Like?

A German Shepherd mixed with wiener dog is a very strange combination given how differently the two parent breeds look. Dachshunds are small to mid-sized dogs while German Shepherds are average to large dogs. So, the result of such a cross can vary a lot in size too – anywhere between 20 to 60 pounds weight and 10 to 20 inches in height.

The length of the legs is another interesting point. They will be shorter than those of a German Shepherd and longer than those of a Dachshund. How long exactly, however – that’s a matter of chance.

The muzzle situation is similar. A Dachshund Shepherd’s snout will be longer than that of a German Shepherd but not as elongated as that of a Dachshund. As for the ears – they will be triangular and big but they can be either floppy or erect.

All this is a major sway in the possible physical characteristics of the Dachshund Shepherd. That’s why you must always see your future puppy in person, together with the rest of its litter before buying or adopting it. The coat can vary a lot too – either wirehaired, longhaired, or smooth.

Also, keep in mind that when we’re talking about Dachshund Shepherds we are strictly talking about German Shepherd mixed with wiener dog. Puppies of two Dachshund Shepherd parents are possible but the variations there can differ so much more that we can’t possibly categorize them in any way.

Unique Personality Traits of The Dachshund German Shepherd Mix

This German Shepherd and Dachshund mix is also interesting because of how different the personalities of the two parent breeds are. One parent is a shepherd breed while the other – a scent hound. As a result, a German Shepherd and Dachshund mix can either be loyal and overly protective or friendlier and even more playful and investigative.

Overall, every Dachshund Shepherd will fall somewhere between the two extremes. Where exactly your pup will lean will vary from one puppy to the other. That’s why it’s important to always meet your future pup together with its litter and parents to observe its character.

You should also remember that German Shepherds tend to attach to one family member more so than the others. So, if your German Shepherd and Dachshund mix looks more like its larger parent, you can expect the same.

How Much Exercise Does a German Shepherd Mixed with Wiener-Dog Need?

German Shepherds are more energetic than Dachshunds overall. So, how much exercise your Dachshund Shepherd is going to need depends on which parent it’s closer to. Overall, a German Shepherd and Dachshund mix will need between 30 and 90 minutes of outdoor exercise a day. If it’s smaller and more Dachshund-like – 30 and vice versa.

This doesn’t include some yard playtime and the additional indoor playtime, however. After all, both German Shepherds and Dachshunds love playing and interacting with their humans at home. Note that if you don’t give your Dachshund Shepherd enough exercise and playtime it will be prone to obesity and depression.

German Shepherd and Dachshund mix Health Basics

The Dachshund Shepherd is a surprisingly healthy breed. With the right care and without any serious genetic predispositions, these dogs can easily live up to 14 years or more. In general, the more your mix resembles its Dachshund parent, the longer its expected life span is going to be. Even if your pup looks more like its German Shepherd parent, however, with good care it will still live over 10 years of age.

daschund german shepherd mix

The few health conditions you should be most watchful of include:

  • Hip and Elbow Dysplasia – most dogs are at risk of this condition but German Shepherds are very prone to it.
  • Intervertebral Disc Disease (IVDD) – this condition is common for elongated dogs like the Dachshund
  • Eye conditions – cataracts, glaucoma, Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA), and others
  • Mitral Valve Disease – a heart condition that’s pretty common for Dachshunds and their sub-breeds

All of those can be caught and treated early which is why you should never skip the dog’s regular vet check-ups. Proper exercise and diet are also essential. To avoid any genetic predispositions you should only get your dog from reputable breeders too. Such breeders always offer health certificates both for the pup as well as their parents.

German Shepherd Wiener Dog cross Pros and Cons


  • Owning to its Dachshund parent, this cross is usually more sociable and less aloof with strangers than a typical German Shepherd. Some socialization is still required, of course
  • The Dachshund Shepherd is loyal like a German Shepherd and it’s very obedient and easy to train. Obedience training is still important, however
  • A German shepherd mixed with wiener dog usually results in a mid-sized dog that’s well-suited for apartment living.
  • As long as you’ve got a pup with no genetic predispositions, this mix is quite healthy and has a long lifespan
  • The Dachshund Shepherd is quite playful and energetic
  • This is a highly intelligent dog that loves to learn new tricks and play with puzzle toys
  • The German shepherd wiener dog cross is very good with kids and other pets


  • Both German Shepherds and Dachshunds are prone to barking so some no-barking training may be needed
  • Separation anxiety is a huge problem for intelligent dog breeds and that’s certainly the case here
  • Dachshunds are prone to obesity so you should avoid that by giving your dog enough exercise and playtime.

Is a German Shepherd Mixed with Wiener-Dog The Right Pet For You?

All in all, the Dachshund Shepherd is a surprisingly good family dog breed. Not too large and not too small, this breed is energetic without needing too much exercise either. It’s also a very intelligent breed that’s usually well-balanced between its protective and sociable instincts.

As a mid-sized cross, the Dachshund Shepherd is even good for apartment dwellers as long as you give the dog enough outdoor time. Just make sure that you don’t leave this breed home alone for multiple hours a day every day.

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