How Big Is An 8 Week Old Mini Dachshund And What Does That Mean For You?

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Getting your first puppy can be stressful – what to look for regarding its health, size, feeding, etc. So, how big is an 8 week old mini dachshund and what does that mean for you? How can you know if your puppy is overfed or underfed? How to know if it’s healthy or not? Let’s go over these and a few other key questions below.

How Big Is An 8 Week Old Mini Dachshund?

The standard 8-week dachshund weight for a mini pup is around 2.2 pounds or 1 kg. A bit over or under can be expected but you should consult with your vet if the deviation is too much. Also, keep in mind that the miniature dachshund breed isn’t as “standardized” as its bigger dachshund counterpart.

What we mean by that is that some kennel clubs still don’t recognize mini dachshunds as an official purebred breed and many others have varying characteristics for purebred miniature dachshunds. This means that you can find differing standards for how big is an 8-week old mini dachshund. Some say it should be lighter than 2.2 pounds, others – as heavy as 3.5 pounds even though that’s closer to standard dachshund territory than a miniature dachshund.

As for the pup’s length, there’s some variation here as well but what we’d cite as the expected average is 6 to 7 inches or 15 to 18 cm. If your pup is significantly longer or heavier than those averages, it might not be a miniature dachshund pup but a standard dachshund instead. Not that that’s a bad thing.

How Big Is An 8 Week Old Mini Dachshund

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Are 8 Week Mini Dachshunds Fully Weaned Off?

A miniature dachshund 8 weeks old pup should be fully weaned off of milk. That’s one of the reasons why pups are usually adopted after that period. Typically, pups start the weaning off process as soon as the 3rd or 4th week and go through it in the span of a couple of weeks. Some start later or a more stubborn, however, hence why the 8 week period is often reached.

How Much Should You Feed An 8 Week Old Miniature Dachshund?

An 8-week dachshund should have its meals carefully measured. It’s very important that pups eat well at that age as both underfeeding and overfeeding can lead to some nasty health problems.

The standard average of dry food an 8-week old mini dachshund should get is 2 to 2.5 ounces a day or ~67 grams. This should be divided into 4 meals so about half an ounce or ~17 grams. If you’re feeding your pup wet food, follow the manufacturer’s (or your vet’s) instructions as every wet food is a bit different.

Either way, the exact amounts of wet or dry food you should give your pet depend on its weight – not so much on its age. Especially with sub-breeds like the miniature dachshund where pups can vary from the average a bit more, it’s a good idea to just have a kitchen scale at home and weigh your pup every day during this period of rapid growth.

Feeding your dog a little more or a little less shouldn’t be the end of the world as long as you stick close to the proper amount. If you have to eye-ball it, it’s safer to overfeed your pup a little bit rather than underfeed it and leave it malnourished. Just make sure to correct the meal size once you notice that you are indeed overfeeding your pup.

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What Should You Get For Your Home Before Bringing In Your New 8 Week Old Mini Dachshund?

Knowing how big is an 8 week old mini dachshund and how much you should feed it is important but feeding is just one part of looking after a new puppy. To properly take care of your growing pup you’ll also need to:

  • Visit a vet as soon as possible to plan out all future vaccinations and other visits
  • Get a crate and prepare for the long process of crate training and potty training
  • Get all other standard puppy accessories such as food and water bowls, dog bed and blanket, leash, color and harness, dog toys, and so on
  • Puppy ramps for the parts of your home your miniature dachshund will be too small to climb on its own

Fortunately, miniature dachshunds are pretty short so puppy-proofing your home is quite easy. Just make sure that everything that’s low to the ground is safe for your dog – this mainly means securing cables and electrical outlets.

And that’s about it. Train, feed and play with your dog properly and your miniature dachshund should grow into a sweet and healthy dog.


How much do dachshund puppies weigh at 8 weeks?

The standard expected weight for an 8 week old mini dachshund is around 2.2 pounds or 1kg. If your pup is above that range than it’s either A) not a miniature dachshund but a standard one; B) it’s older than 8 weeks; or C) their previous owner has somehow managed to get them overweight at such an early age.
The latter point is obviously unlikely but the other two are pretty common. Breeders are often trying to sell older puppies as if they are younger and accidental mistakes between standard and mini dachshunds are not that rare.
However, most of the time, an 8 week old mini dachshund will indeed weigh just around 2.2 pounds or 1 kg.

How much should I feed my 8 week old mini Dachshund?

At that young age, just after they’ve been weaned off, mini Doxies should be fed 4 times a day. Each meal should be half an ounce big or ~17 grams. That amounts to somewhere around 2 or 2.5 ounces or ~67 grams a day. This is for dry kibble of course and the exact weight of your dog matters too.
For wet food, just follow the instructions on the packaging as each type of food is a bit different. When in doubt, talk with your vet – at that age you should be in close contact with them anyway. But, all in all, a few grams over or under shouldn’t be the end of the world. Both overfeeding and underfeeding your dachshund is not ideal but you need to go really off to achieve either.
Another easy way to look at it is that it’s easier and safer to overfeed a little and then course correct by reducing the meal size a bit than it is to feed your dog too little.