How Old Does A Female Dachshund Have To Be To Breed?

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How old does a female dachshund has to be to breed is an important piece of information to know when making this big decision for your pet. Many changes will occur in the process of your dog’s pregnancy, and having as much information as possible is key. 

Contribution to this beautiful breed by furthering breeding is an admirable venture, and a great responsibility to undertake. Breeding smaller dogs is an elaborate task and this may surprise the average doxie owner. Keeping in mind certain issues regarding their breeding cycles as well as any health concerns during pregnancy is key. 

How Old Does A Female Dachshund Have To Be To Breed?

If you have had your doxie since puppyhood you may wonder at what age can a dachshund get pregnant. In general, an average female dog reaches sexual maturity at six months. It’s a little bit different for smaller dogs, dachshunds included, which can be predisposed to mature faster. 

Dachshund’s breeding age can thus differ from the average larger dogs, and veterinary advice must sort this out. When they reach breeding maturity, female dogs go into a heat period, where they can be receptive to male dogs.

What Are Heat Cycles?

Somewhere around the age of six to eight months, sooner in some cases, female dachshunds begin having periods of heat. This usually lasts somewhere between 18 to 21 days and begins the proestrus phase, which lasts for about nine days. 

This period is similar to a menstrual cycle complete with bloody discharge. The estrus phase comes after, followed by the diestrus phase to complete the cycle. After that, the anestrus phase, a latent phase, will last until the beginning of the next cycle.

The Right Breeding Stage

A female dachshund will be receptive to a male dog in the estrus part of their cycle phases. It’s better to hold off on breeding them after the first sign of periods of heat. Providing a period of development on the physical and social level is a great way of caring for their general health.  

Breeding can begin in earnest on their second heat cycle. Some female dogs are receptive to male dogs two or more days after the estrus phase when they are no longer fertile. This can sometimes feel like a swing in the dark, as pregnancy may not occur at the very first try, and require further attempts. 

How Many Puppies Can A Dachshund Have?

A typical dachshund will have somewhere around one to six puppies as a common litter size. This of course is not set in stone and should be checked with an ultrasound at the vet. Around a week before their due date is when most people take their dog for an ultrasound. This is to both see the size of the litter and how well they are fearing. 

How Many Puppies Can A Dachshund Have

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Signs Of Pregnancy

We’ve established how old does a female dachshund has to be to breed but knowing pregnancy signs is also important. An increase in appetite is one evident sign, followed by weight gain in the first few weeks. Morning sickness is another evident symptom of pregnancy that could happen. 

Pregnancy – Risks and Considerations

A majority of professional veterinary professionals advise against pregnancy from the very first cycle. Greater health risks may present themselves with an underdeveloped dachshund’s pregnancy, and it’s something easy to prevent by waiting. 

The average gestation period for dachshunds is between 58 to 68 days. A good nutritious and well-balanced diet is needed in this period along with exercise. Ensuring the best health for both mother and puppies is a great responsibility, and vet advice will ease many concerns. 

The amount of food consumption will increase, and a vet will recommend the best dosage for each case. With a bigger belly, mobility could suffer, so it would be beneficial to stop them from jumping on the couch. Climbing stairs is another thing best to avoid, and just carrying them up or down. 

Labor and Delivery

The question of how old does a female dachshund has to be to breed, comes with many other questions. The labor process itself is one with many complexities and requires attention. 

Some breeders suggest that a dog that is about to enter labor will start to lose appetite the day before. The body temperature will also decrease suddenly. Contractions soon follow, and the dog displays this pain by licking the groin area. 

A grey water-sac will emerge which the dog will bite to break the water. Within an hour of the water break, the first puppy should be expected. This first puppy is the most difficult one to deliver. If the vet could not be present for the delivery then keep them up-to-date every 15 minutes or so.

How Old Does A Female Dachshund Have To Be To Breed – Additional Considerations

Knowing how old does a female dachshund has to be to breed is but one thing to consider. Accidents can happen of course, but if it’s a planned event then some considerations should be a priority beforehand. 

Having all your dog’s vaccinations up to date is one such consideration. These vaccinations will not be given during pregnancy. Medications for parasites and deworming could be harmful to a pregnant doxie, so a vet should be consulted on this. 

Raw foodstuff is not a recommendation many make for pregnant and lactating dogs. Alternatively, one may need to offer high-quality nutritious dog food that contains essential vitamins. Vitamin supplements are another thing not on the recommendation list for pregnant and lactating dogs. 

Some dachshund owners wish to spay their females after the pregnancy. Asking the vet: when should I spay my Dachshund after pregnancy will result in an answer of not very soon. First of all, the post-pregnant dog needs to recover from labor, and secondly, all the puppies will need milk. Sometime after all the puppy rearing process, the issue of spaying can come up again. 

Final Thoughts – How Old Does A Female Dachshund Have To Be To Breed

How old does a female dachshund has to be to breed is not a matter to take lightly. Special care and attention are important aspects of the entire process that will be nerve-wracking, especially at first. Pregnancy is a serious responsibility and should not be entered lightly, but with a great degree of seriousness. 

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