Shoes With Dachshunds On Them And Shoes For Dachshunds

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Let’s take a look at a pair of different products that aren’t technically related but that most Doxie owners tend to need or want – shoes with dachshunds on them and shoes for dachshunds.

Granted, you don’t need to have pictures of dachshunds on your shoes but it’s certainly a fun way to diversify your wardrobe. Dachshund shoes, on the other hand, while fun, are meant for much more than that – they are crucial for keeping your Doxie warm and safe during the cold winter months.

So, let’s go over some of the best suggestions on the market for both shoes with dachshunds on them and shoes for dachshunds.

Slippers and Shoes With Dachshunds On Them

Dachshund print shoes or slippers are always adorable. However, let’s not forget that they also need to be comfy and durable. With that in mind, here are the best shoes with dachshunds on them we could find online.

Coloranimal Quick Dry Memory Foam Beach Water Sandals for Women Backless Flats

If you’re a fan of flats, this model has a simple and durable design. The rubber sole is thick and high-quality enough for daily wear and the doxies pattern is very cute.

Women’s Sherpa Lined Slippers

These sherpa-lined slippers are excellent for the deep cold of the winter if you live somewhere in the north. They have an adorable knitted pattern too.

Puckator Unisex Weiner Dog Slippers

For something that’s very much “out there” in terms of design, check out these Puckator hot dog slippers. Comfy, slip-on, and very warm, they will make any guest laugh out loud in a good way.

Women Dachshund Dog Slippers

These cotton slippers are for those who want something more standard but cute doggie pattern on it. They have a thermoplastic rubber sole and come in various sizes.

Haflinger Doggy Slipper

If you want a pair of slippers with an extra thick and durable sole, check out this model by Haflinger. Their felt sole is complemented by the breathable virgin wool top side.

Comfies Women’s Dachshund Dog Slippers

These 100% polyester slippers have fur lining and a very firm and comfortable slip-on closure. They come in sizes 5 to 11 too.

UIN Women’s Slip-On Sneakers Casual Loafers

These soft walking shoes have a simple but pretty pattern and a durable vinyl sole. They are very easy and comfortable to put on and off and come in three different sizes.

Dachshund Fuzzy Feet Slippers

The unisex house slippers made by Bardic feel very comfortable and fit neatly to the foot. They come in six different sizes and have a cute but not overly cheezy pattern.

Plush Dog Slippers W/ Platform By Silver Lilly

For a pair of slippers with a character, check out these Silver Lilly platform slippers with a whole Doxie head ornament on the front.

Shoes For Dachshunds

Now that we’ve given you some good ideas for shoes with dachshunds on them, how about actual dachshund shoes? After all, while having dachshunds on your shoes is fun, having shoes on your dachshund is a necessity in the winter. So, let’s go over some of the best shoes for dachshunds we can see on the market today.

GabeFish Slightly Water-Resistance Anti Slip Dog Shoes

These dog slip socks are water-resistant and fit very securely on the dog’s feet thanks to their drawstring.

YAODHAOD Dog Shoes For Small Dogs

The YAODHAOD dog shows are quick and easy to put on, difficult to shake off, very lightweight, and have a reflective lining too.

Dolebean Store Dog Boots For Small Medium Dogs

Dolebean’s puppy shoes have a soft lining to keep your Doxie’s feet comfy. They also have an anti-slip sole and a secure drawstring to keep them in place.

LONSUNEER Paw Protector Dog Boots

For a soft-sole but no-slip model, check out this Lonsuneer model. They e black and stylish but also offer a bright reflection for the middle of the night.

Hcpet Dog Booties Paw Protector, Breathable Dog Shoes For Small Medium Dogs

The Hcpet booties are likely our favorite pick for any small breed. They have an excellent zip & strap design that’s very easy to put on and stays on for as long as you want. They are comfortable, soft, safe, waterproof, and made out of high-quality materials. Plus, they look cool too.

KEIYALOE Waterproof Dog Boots With Reflective Straps

These Keiyaloe shoes are excellent for the winter and fit very securely on the food. Waterproof, warm, and safe, they are probably our second preference out of every dog shoe we’ve tried.

MORVIGIVE Camo Dog Boots For Small Dogs

Morvigive’s “camo” dachshund sneakers may not offer the best camouflage given their light blue color, but they are soft, firm, secure, and easy to put on.

Why Does Your Dog Need Dachshund Boots?

People often view dog boots and coats as unnecessary luxury items. However, anyone who’s had a small dog breed such as a dachshund or a Chihuahua knows that giving your dog some thermal protection in the winter is an absolute must.

We’ve written about doggy coats and sweaters before but dachshund sneakers and boots are equally important if you want your dog to be able to walk outside in the winter. A standard reaction a lot of people have is “Well, dogs don’t have boots in the wild, right?”

But what people miss when they say it is that dachshunds were domesticated centuries ago and aren’t meant to live like wolves. Not to mention that even wolves and wild dogs aren’t immune to the elements and to disease. In short – doggy shoes are great.

In Conclusion

Shoes are as important for Doxies as they are for us. But why just get shoes for your Doxie’s outside adventures when you can get a cool pair of shoes with dachshunds on them for yourself? Granted, they may not be ideal for a day at the office but they can be great for some off time in the yard or in the park. Slippers with Doxies on them can be equally fun for your home too.

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