Border Collie And Dachshund Mix – The Adorable Genius

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Dachshunds and Border Collies are two of the most popular and unique dog breeds. It’s no surprise that their cross is rather fascinating as well. So, let’s go over the Border Collie and Dachshund mix – the adorable genius.

Doxies are an undoubtedly smart breed but Border Collies are famous for topping the charts of almost all intelligence competitions they enter. So, if you want an extra clever Doxie with a unique coat, this cross can be perfect for you. But let’s go over some of this mix’s other characteristics as well.

What Does A Border Collie and Dachshund Mix Look Like?

Crossing two dogs with such differing appearances always results in a mix with varying physical characteristics. Essentially, your Border Weenie can either look almost like a Dachshund with just a few slight Collie characteristics or vice versa. Or, it can be anything in between.

For example, Doxies have short legs and an elongated body type whereas Border Collies have a balanced and athletic physique. So, a Border Weenie can have an elongated body with long legs, a “normal” body with short legs, be very Doxie-like, or be built like a Border Collie – there is just no set-in-stone standard here.

The same applies to their coats. While Doxies are usually smooth-haired, wire-haired, or long-haired with red, black, and/or tan colors, Border Collies are always black and white and have either rough or smooth medium-length coats. So, the exact coat of a Border Weenie can be any of the above depending on its parents and some chance. Unfortunately, whatever the exact coat type, you will have to deal with quite a bit of shedding. So, you should prepare for daily or, at least, regular brushing and grooming.

The heads and ears of this crossbreed can also vary as Dachshunds have elongated faces, wide foreheads, and long, droopy ears. Border Collies, on the other hand, have more standard faces and muzzles with almost upright ears that only drop slightly at the corners.

As for this crossbreed’s size, it can be anywhere between the Dachshund’s standard height and the Border Collie’s height. So, usually between 8 and 20 inches at the shoulder (20 to 50 cm). As for their weight, a non-overweight adult should be around 13 to 25 pounds (6 to 11.5 kg).

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What Are The Exercise Needs Of the Border Collie Dachshund Mix?

Both Doxies and Border Collies are very playful and energetic breeds for their size. As a herding dog with a pretty athletic body, the Border Collie needs more exercise than a Dachshund so it matters which parent your Border Weenie resembles more. A more Dachs-like Border Weenie should be satisfied with ~45 minutes of outdoor exercise a day, divided into two nice walks. However, a more Collie-like dog will need over an hour to about an hour and a half of outdoor exercise. This should include not just two long walks but some playtime in the dog park as well.

In either case, your dog will also want and need quite a bit of playtime at home or in a yard too. Remember that these are exceptionally smart dogs so they don’t need to just run around in circles – they need mental stimulation as well. This means teaching your dog tricks, playing fetch as well as hide & seek, using interactive dog toys and toy puzzles, and more. A dog that doesn’t get enough physical and mental exercise will get both unhealthy and unhappy.

What Are The Exercise Needs Of the Border Collie Dachshund Mix

Does The Collie Dachshund Mix Have A Nice Personality?

Very much so, although it can vary a bit too. As a hound breed, Dachshunds are very willful and determined which can sometimes make them difficult to train. Border Collies, on the other hand, are exceptionally smart as well as hard-working and eager to please. So, you can end up with a dog that’s easy to train or with one that’s both clever and self-minded. In either case, good obedience training should be employed.

As for their sociability, this can also depend. As a shepherd breed, Border Collies can be a bit wary and even guarded with strangers if they haven’t been socialized properly. Of course, good socialization is always a must with any dog so that shouldn’t be a problem. As for their sociability with your own family – that should be perfectly fine. Both Doxies and Border Collies love their families and all their members. They should get along with kids and other dogs without a problem. Even living with cats shouldn’t be much of a problem with good socialization.

Lifespan and Health Of The Border Collie and Dachshund Mix

The average expected lifespan of the Border Weenie crossbreed is 10 to 14 years. This can easily be surpassed if you’ve got a healthy puppy from a reputable breeder, however. With the right care, such a pup can easily reach, 16, 18, and even 20 years. The few potential health issues you should watch out for include:

Pros and Cons Of Having A Border Weenie


  • This is an exceptionally intelligent breed that you can interact with and train in many different ways
  • The Border Weenie is very playful and energetic
  • These dogs are excellent with kids


  • Training can be challenging for first-time dog owners
  • These dogs need lots of mental stimulation and can get bored easily
  • Separation anxiety is something to watch out for

Is A Border Collie and Dachshund Mix The Right Dog For You?

Matching their exercise needs and keeping up with their intelligence are the two things any Border Weenie should be able to do. If you’d rather have a lap dog that lies beside you as you work all day or you’re not sure you can deal with a dog that’s both clever and potentially stubborn – look for your next pet elsewhere. However, if you want a dog you can play in the dog park with, the Border Weenie is a great choice. Their smarts, high energy, and small size make them perfect for families with kids too.

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