Introducing – The Husky and Wiener Dog Mix and All Its Magic

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If you’re looking for an adorable and unique dog that comes with quite a character, we’re introducing – the husky and wiener dog mix! This is a cross between two of the most recognizable dog breeds globally, and it’s just as fascinating. So, is this the right pet for you, and what do you need to know about it?

What Does the Husky and Wiener Dog Mix Look Like?

Also called a Dusky for short, this breed has a very distinctive look. On the one hand, it takes the double coat as well as the hair colors and patterns of the husky. It can have the milk-chocolate colors of the dachshund mixed with the husky pattern but the coat is never monochrome.

The full color spectrum you can expect to see includes red, cream, chocolate, tan, fawn, white, black, or grey. The patterns can be either merle, piebald, or brindle. The hair length can also vary depending on the parents as both huskies and dachshunds can be short- or long-haired.

On the other hand, this breed has the stocky build and short legs of the dachshund. The ears are triangular and usually pointy as with the husky. Sometimes they can be slouched if the dog takes more from its dachshund parent, however. Most of the time, the muzzle is similar to that of the northern breed too. However, it can have some of the dachshund’s signature muzzle shape too.

Essentially, the Dusky is an adorably short husky with some additional dachshund characteristics. Exactly how much of each parent the husky and wiener dog mix has will vary from animal to animal. This is especially evident by their “average” height and weight.

The Dusky can range from as short as 8 inches (20 cm) to as tall as 20 inches (50 cm) in terms of height. As for weight, the min/max is 16 to 60 pounds (7 to 27 kg). The lowest ranges of these two parameters are pretty much only reachable if the Dachs parent is a mini dachshund.

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Unique Personality Traits of the Dachshund Husky Mix

Dachshunds and huskies are two of the most opinionated dogs in the canine world. As both of them have very unique personalities, so does the husky and wiener dog mix.

On the husky side, the Dusky inherits their very strong will. Huskies are known as the “primadonna” dog breed and the dachshund husky mix certainly inherits a tinge of that trait – sometimes more, sometimes less. The cross also inherits the husky’s playfulness and explorative drive.

From the dachshund, this breed takes the playful and gentle nature and the easily sociable character. The Dusky also takes the dachs’ mischievous character which makes them excellent tricksters.

How much your Dusky will resemble its dachs or husky parent will vary. Both parent breeds are incredibly intelligent too so you can definitely expect a smart pup with the Dusky.

However, another trait that both parent breeds share is stubbornness. You will need an experienced hand, a lot of positive reinforcement, and a lot of patience with this breed. Proper obedience training is an absolute must when you’ve got a husky mixed with wiener dog.

How Much Exercise Does a Husky and Wiener Dog Mix Need?

Physical fitness is probably the area where huskies and dachshunds differ the most. Huskies are known as the marathon champions of the canine world. They are the joint-best long-distance runners in the world too (together with humans, of all species). On the other hand, a dachshund is usually fully satisfied after 30-60 minutes of outdoor exercise per day.

For the husky and wiener dog mix the exercise needs tend to fall closer to those of the dachshund. That is due to the shorter legs and stockier build the Dusky takes from the dachs. So, a couple of half-hour walks per day and a bit of time in the yard is usually enough to keep your Dusky healthy.

Of course, the dog will want a lot of indoor playtime too – this is important both for its fitness and for its sociable and playful nature. Remember that both dachshunds and huskies are very prone to depression if they don’t get enough playtime and attention. Dachshunds are also prone to obesity if they don’t get enough exercise.

Husky and Wiener Dog Mix Health Basics

The dachshund husky mix is a relatively new breed so we don’t really have a lot of data on their health risks. From what we’ve seen so far, however, the Dusky does look like a healthy breed.

Huskies are incredibly healthy dogs and while dachshunds can have some possible health concerns, those are avoidable. Things such as Intervertebral Disc Disease (IVDD) can be caught early with routine vet check-ups as is the case with Hip and Elbow Dysplasia.

Mitral Valve Disease or heart disease is a common problem for dachs, but it seems like less of a threat for Duskies. Watching out for eye conditions such as cataracts, glaucoma, Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA) is also recommended but easy to do.

All in all, the husky and wiener dog mix is an excellent choice if you want a healthy dog. With a good diet, proper exercise, and regular vet visits, these dogs seem to easily reach 12 to 16 years on average.

Also, to be extra safe, you can get a health certificate for both your pup and its parents from the breeder.

Dusky Dogs Cross Pros and Cons


  • Both huskies and dachshunds are very friendly and social, and so is the Dusky. Some socialization is still a good idea to make sure that’s the case.
  • This is a very intelligent dog breed, just like its parents.
  • The Dusky takes the gentle and lovable nature of the dachshunds – this makes it an excellent family pet.
  • As both parent breeds are great with kids, so is the Dusky.
  • Huskies get along great with other dogs. The influence of this parent breed makes Duskies better-suited for life with other dogs than the dachs.
  • These are opinionated and individual dogs – they live life their way!
  • This breed is overall suitable for apartment living.


  • Dachshunds are prone to barking and huskies are outright opera singers. This means that no-barking training will most likely be needed
  • All intelligent dog breeds suffer from separation anxiety Duskies are a cross of two of the most intelligent dogs out there.
  • Both parent breeds are also very strong-willed. This can make training a Dusky quite the challenge.
  • The Dusky loves to dig holes, more so than almost any other breed. Never leave this dog alone in the yard.

Is a Husky Mixed with Wiener-Dog the Right Pet for You?

As you can see, this is a truly unique breed that’s great for families. With a medium size, medium exercise needs, and an OK nature for apartment living, the Dusky can make most families very happy.

The breed does need an experienced trainer, however, so you better know what you’re doing.

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