What Is A Group Of Dachshunds Called – 15 Awesome Ideas!

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You get one Doxie and you’re blissfully happy but once you get a second Doxie and you start to wonder “What is a group of dachshunds called?” It’s such a simple question, yet it seems to have baffled the internet for years.

So, as we are feeling daring today, we thought that we’d try and find an answer here. So, what is a group of dachshunds called?

Is There An Official Word For A Pack Of Dachshunds?

When speaking about wolves and other prairie canines, we usually use the word “pack” – a pack of wolves, a pack of hyenas, a pack of dingo dogs, and so on. But we don’t seem to use that word for domesticated dogs. You never see a dog walker in the park, stretched between 20+ different leashes yelling “Yes, my pack is quite lively today!”

And the question becomes even more puzzling when talking about dachshunds. At the end of the day, even though Doxies are “normal” hound dogs they are also anything but normal. They are one of the most “abnormal” breeds on the planet!

So, what is a group of dachshunds called officially? Well, there doesn’t seem to be a word for it. The default term should therefore be “a pack”, probably, but you’d never see a Doxie owner referring to their two mini wieners by “the pack”, would you?

Can You Say “A Herd Of Dachshunds”?

You probably could and everyone would probably get what you mean but it doesn’t really feel like an official term, does it? If anything, it does seem a bit demeaning. Yes, sure, we have articles saying that “Grain” is a good name for a dachshund and there’s also nothing wrong with herd animals but… dachshunds are hounds after all – it’s in the name.

So, while “a herd of dachshunds” is definitely acceptable, we wouldn’t really use it.

 herd of dachshunds

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What Terms Have People Come Up With For “A Group Of Dachshunds”?

So, if we are to brainstorm a bit (and get some help from the internet) what terms can we come up with for a group or a pack of dachshunds? Here are a few ideas we’ve come up with so far:

  • A moxie of Doxies – we found this one in the Wikidictionary and it’s definitely eye-catching. A “moxie” is typically translated as “courage, spirit, a force of character” and that does seem suitable for the willful wiener dogs. The only problem we have with this term is that it’s distinctly American – “Doxie” is a mostly American word for dachshunds and so is moxie.
  • A royalty of dachshunds – now this is suitable all over the planet. Doxies have a very self-important and royal demeanor to them so this term definitely fits them.
  • An entourage of dachshunds – going off of the previous point, an entourage of dachshunds can be just as fitting. The only difference is that it implies you are the royalty which can be a bit self-aggrandizing. It does feel the Doxies’ behavior though – always at our heels, following us around.
  • A schnitzel of dachshunds – this one is definitely from the eastern side of the Atlantic and it’s just so wonderfully German. Dachshunds are German dogs after all. Plus, we all call them “wiener dogs” so the food association with schnitzels is suitable. However, some people might object to it as a bit demeaning.
  • A chorizo of dachshunds – chorizo does feel a bit more international than schnitzel and it’s equally funny but it will likely raise the same objections among people who dislike food associations.
  • A train of dachshunds – this one we like. Let’s face it, Doxies are shaped like train carts, there’s no going around that. And, when you have a few of them, they do tend to walk one after the other, usually right behind you. All you need now is to say “Choo-choo” every time before food and the metaphor would be complete.
  • A link of dachshunds – now, this is a bit on the nose but it’s still funny. Let’s face it, several Doxies walking one after the other do look like a sausage chain.
  • A mischief of dachshunds – we don’t really see the logic behind this one as most dog breeds are quite mischievous. If anything, it does seem more suitable for a group of cats. Nevertheless, Doxies can still be quite the rascals so it fits them too.
  • A string of dachshunds – similar to “link”, this one does play with the whole “sausage dog” joke. And we’re here for it – Doxies are wiener dogs and a string of wiener dogs is just too perfect to ignore.
  • A badger of dachshunds – we would have never thought of this one if we didn’t see it online. It is suitable, though – people initially bred dachshunds as badger-hunting hounds so it definitely fits.
  • A “party pack” of dachshunds – we really love this one as it reminds us of “party chicken legs”! We saw it on Facebook of all places too together with “A skattle of dachshunds” – both fit wiener dogs perfectly!
  • Last but not least we’d point out this answer we saw on Answers.com – what is a group of dachshunds called? Velociraptors!

 pack of dachshunds

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In Conclusion, What Is A Group Of Dachshunds Called – Whatever You Feel Like!

So, what is a group of dachshunds called according to us? It does seem to depend on your sense of humor more than anything. Our preferred terms so far are:

  • A link of dachshunds
  • A moxie of Doxies
  • A train of dachshunds
  • And a string of dachshunds

But, really, any one of the previous terms could work too. Still, If we want to be punctual, we’d use “a pack of dachshunds” as the most accurate term – they are canines after all.

So, at the end of the day, you can call your moxie of doxies however you like. They certainly won’t mind and the rest of us would be more than happy to hear a few new suggestions.

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