Over 150 Funny Wiener Dog Names For Your Amazing Dachshund Pup

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Naming your Doxie can be as difficult as it is important, so, here’s our list of over 150 funny wiener dog names for your amazing dachshund pup. Naturally, there are hundreds and thousands of other options you can go for but these should give you a nice headstart on the whole brainstorming process. And, while we are focusing on funny weiner dog names here, there are countless of other, more serious names you can go for. We just like goofing around with our goofy little Doxies.

What Makes The Best Funny Wiener Dog Names As Funny As They Are?

There are many ways you can approach your Doxie’s name and none of them are “right” or “wrong”. For a lot of people, it’s hilarious to name their stumpy dachshund after tall and sexy actors and actresses, for example. Names after historical royalty can also be hilarious for the short and cute dachshund pups. If we’re to try to account for all such ideas this article would have to be endless.

The logical conclusion is that what makes wiener dog names funny is personal. The best names usually refer to something in your personal life or a shared experience between you and your partner and other family members.

Whatever the case, we thought we’d still give you a few ideas that will either grab you or at least give you some concept of the endless possibilities for naming your Doxie. Naturally, a lot of those ideas refer to the dachshund’s hilarious body shape and small size. Fortunately, our little pals can’t be body shamed and don’t really care what we call them so we can just have a bit of harmless fun naming them.

25 Exaggerated Funny Dachshund Names

Now, some may view these first few suggestions to be of poor taste but we’re of the opinion that there’s nothing funnier than a miniature dog named Colossus. Besides, a name doesn’t need to just be exaggerated – it can still have additional meaning and wordplay in it.

The name Achilles, for example, doesn’t just compare our stocky Doxies to a mighty demigod, but to a demigod whose only weakness are his heels. If you’ve ever owned a dachshund you surely realize how hilarious that is. So, here are a few other exaggerated ideas:

  1. Max
  2. Dino
  3. Leviatan
  4. Monster
  5. Beast
  6. Hercules
  7. Ajax
  8. Titan
  9. Achilles
  10. Dragon
  11. Giant
  12. Cheetah
  13. Behemot
  14. Leopard
  15. Lion
  16. Tiger
  17. Bear
  18. Whale
  19. Ogre
  20. Titanic
  21. Hulk
  22. Colossus
  23. Mammoth
  24. Stampede
  25. Jumbo

35 Painfully Truthful Funny Wiener Dog Names

On the other side of the spectrum are names that are not just truthful of the dachshund’s cute size and stature but go far and beyond in pointing those out.  Again, these can be viewed as “rude” from a certain point of view but our Doxies don’t really know what these words mean nor do they care. Here are 35 fun name ideas that aptly point out just how cute Doxies look:

  1. Pippin
  2. Sprinkles
  3. Grain
  4. Atom
  5. Spark
  6. Zip
  7. Jellybean
  8. Pebbles
  9. Smalley
  10. Mini
  11. Patch
  12. Gravel
  13. Puny
  14. Teensy
  15. Shorty
  16. Tabby
  17. Fleck
  18. Minnie
  19. Junior  
  20. Dotty
  21. Chicky
  22. Smudge
  23. Pixel/Pixie
  24. Splotch
  25. Crumb
  26. Droplet
  27. Leaf
  28. Chicho
  29. Marbles
  30. Egg
  31. Little
  32. Chip
  33. Pocket
  34. Walnut
  35. Peanut

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25 Food-related Funny Names For Wiener Dogs

Wiener dogs and food are a perfect pairing. Not only do Doxies look like hotdogs but they are also insatiable munching machines themselves. So, what better and funnier name for your wiener dog than Bratwurst or Chorizo? Are those a bit on the nose? Maybe. But they are still funny nonetheless. Here are 25 such ideas:

  1. Bloedworst
  2. Salami
  3. Weisswurst
  4. Saucisson
  5. Lolita
  6. Mettwurst
  7. Chorizo
  8. Boudin
  9. Wiener
  10. Cervelat
  11. Bratwurst
  12. Chipolata
  13. Drisheen
  14. Haggis
  15. Frankfurter
  16. Glamorgan
  17. Goetta
  18. Pepperoni
  19. Banger
  20. Skilandis
  21. Vienna
  22. Helzel
  23. Lincolnshire
  24. Saveloy
  25. Bologna

25 Candy-related Funny Wiener Dog Names

The candy realm is another good source of inspiration for naming your dachshund. Yes, these dogs are usually associated with the more sour and beer-appetizer type of German cuisine but they are also small and sweet. So, here are a few excellent suggestions for candy-based wiener dog names:

  1. Cookie
  2. Biscotti
  3. Cupcake
  4. Hershey
  5. Cannoli
  6. Brownie
  7. Almond Joy
  8. Cocoa
  9. Fudge
  10. Butterscotch
  11. Hazelnut
  12. Biscuit
  13. Beignet
  14. Pancake
  15. Twinkie
  16. Honey
  17. Waffle
  18. Toffee
  19. Milk Dud
  20. Twix
  21. Peanut Butter
  22. Milky Way
  23. Reeses
  24. Snickers
  25. Truffle

 funny weiner dog names

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25 German Funny Names For Wiener Dogs

Now, there’s nothing inherently funny in German names. They are names like all others and sound perfectly normal for a person from Germany. However, they do sound pretty funny to people outside of Germany. And the fact that dachshund dogs come from Germany just makes this combination too good to ignore. Just imagine naming your mini dachshund Kaiser or Brunhilde? Here are a total of 25 hilarious suggestions:

  1. Kaiser
  2. Gretel
  3. Brunhilde
  4. Otto
  5. Dieter
  6. Klaus
  7. Liesel
  8. Fritzi
  9. Bruno
  10. Greta
  11. Mischa
  12. Zeppelin
  13. Schatzi
  14. Wanda
  15. Gretchen
  16. Britta
  17. Gunther
  18. Sigmund
  19. Hans
  20. Schwartz
  21. Schnitzel
  22. Heinrich
  23. Wilma
  24. Jäger
  25. Rolf

20 Long-haired Cute Doxie Names

Long-haired Doxies often don’t get enough recognition. However, not only are these excellent dogs but they can also be named in some truly spectacular fashion. Granted, these names are also suitable for other long-haired and wire-haired dog breeds but that doesn’t make them any less suitable for your dachs.

Definitely deserving of their own category of funny wiener dog names, here are our 20 suggestions for naming your long-haired dachshund:

  1. Whiskers
  2. Sulley
  3. Teddy
  4. Wookie
  5. Fuzz
  6. Cloud
  7. Chewie
  8. Lamb
  9. Feathers
  10. Silky
  11. Shaggy
  12. Fox
  13. Ducky
  14. Grizzly
  15. Cashmere
  16. Puffin
  17. Charmin
  18. Dusty
  19. Wolf
  20. Quill

So, did any of these grab your eye? Or, hopefully, some at least sparked your creative juices flowing. We’ve no doubt missed quite a few good ideas but you can check out our other dachshund name lists for some more inspiration if you’re still thinking. At the end of the day, anything can be funny if it reminds you of a particular memory or experience, or if it relates to a certain wordplay that you and your family can relate to. Thankfully, our little Doxies don’t care what we call them as long as we love them and care for them in the best possible way.

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