What Is The Best Raincoat For Miniature Dachshund Dogs – Here Are Our 6 Suggestions

Last Updated on May 12, 2022 by Marco

Going out in the rain with a Doxie can be an adventure. So, what is the best raincoat for miniature dachshund dogs – here are our 6 suggestions. While there are many more options on the market, these 6 are an excellent place to start looking and offer quite a bit of versatility, depending on what exactly you’re looking for.

What’s The Best Raincoat For Miniature Dachshund Dogs?

A good raincoat for a miniature dachshund should not only be small but also offer excellent protection, account for these dogs’ short legs, be comfortable, leak-proof, and quite durable too. The rest is more or less a matter of personal preferences. Here are the main suggestions we’d say you should look at first:

1. FUAMEY Dog Raincoat

To start off with a laugh, check out this dinosaur-like raincoat for miniature dachshund dogs from FUAMEY. It’s available in XS and S sizes and it offers excellent full-body protection.

2. RC Pet Products Packable Dog Rain Poncho

For something simpler, the RC Pet Products poncho is easy to put on and has a hoodie, as well as a stable waistband. It doesn’t fully cover the dog’s belly but is excellent in every other regard.

3. Morezi Dog Raincoat With Reflective Bar

If you don’t want a hoodie, the Morezi raincoat is a good option. It also functions as a standard water-resistant dachshund jacket for a windy autumn day.

4. Kcjuoam Waterproof Dog Raincoat

A raincoat with not just a hoodie but also face protection, the Kcjuoam raincoat has an effective and classic design. It’s also light-reflective and comes in all standard sizes.

5. KYEESE Dog Raincoat

Another cool option, the KYEESE raincoat poncho has a hoodie with a visor, it’s available in 2 colors and 5 sizes, and it’s very easy to put on and adjust to your dog.

6. HDE Dog Raincoat

A yellow and reflective classic, the HDE raincoat is easy to put on and stays securely with its belly band. It has a hoodie too and it covers the chest pretty well.

Why Should You Get A Dachshund Raincoat?

The purpose of a raincoat is pretty unambiguous. Yes, a little rain usually isn’t disastrous for a dog. In fact, some dogs even like playing in the rain. However, many dogs don’t. Plus, the rain can also be a health risk, especially if it’s cold or windy outside, or if your dog isn’t in peak health anyway. Not to mention that you’d usually need to give your dog a bath if it gets too soaked – there’s a reason why “wet dog smell” is a common term.

So, getting a nice dachshund raincoat is an easy way to circumvent most of these issues. Another thing to do, especially with a miniature dachshund, is to just let your dog do its business indoors while it rains – be it in the designated area in the bathroom or in a diaper. A lot of miniature dachshund owners go that route, especially if they live in a colder climate. This presents its own set of issues, however, as it’s usually annoying to have your dog go potty indoors. Not to mention that dogs love going out and miniature dachshunds are no exception. They are a hound breed, after all.

So finding the right raincoat for miniature dachshund dogs can solve this whole conundrum pretty easily – just put it on, go out, avoid the bigger puddles, and all you’ll need to wash after that is your dog’s paws and legs.

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Do Dachshunds need raincoats?

They do indeed, more so than other breeds, in fact. Dachshunds not only need to go out twice a day but their short legs also mean that their bodies stay pretty close to the ground at all times. This is annoying both because you’ll need to stay away from puddles but also because even without puddles, your dog’s belly and chest are likely to get soaked regardless.
So, a full-body raincoat is an easy way to go around most such problems. A good dachshund raincoat should cover not just its back but also its head, chest, and belly. This will prevent your dog from getting fully soaked, needing a bath afterward, or needing a bath. All you’d need to wash after a walk in the rain is your dog’s paws and maybe its tail.

Do Dachshunds like the rain?

Some do, others – not so much. It’s really a matter of a case-by-case basis as dachshunds are individualists first and foremost. That being said, some tendencies can be seen. Because dachshunds are mostly an indoorsy breed – especially miniature dachshunds – they can grow to be warier of the elements outdoors compared to other breeds.
This isn’t something intrinsic to the dachshund breed, however, it’s just a matter of exposure – if your dog gets used to the rain early in its life, chances are that it won’t be afraid of it. If you’ve kept your puppy indoors on rainy days, however, it will likely never get used to it.
So, there are two main ways to take as a dachshund owner – 1) take your dog out only when it’s dry and warm outside and teach it to do its business indoors when it’s rainy and/or cold; or 2) get a dachshund raincoat and get your dog used to go out in the rain.

Can Dachshunds walk in the rain?

They can, as long as you avoid the puddles along the way. Needless to say, with their short legs, dachshunds won’t enjoy falling belly-deep in a puddle every few steps. However, as long as you avoid that issue, a dachshund can easily walk in the rain and like doing it too.
Word to the wise – it’s smart to get a raincoat for your Doxie if you want to go out in the rain. It’s also good if the raincoat covers the dachshund’s belly and chest – even if you stay away from puddles, the dachshund’s torso is so close to the ground that it will still get wet without a raincoat.