Why Are Dachshunds So Stubborn And Is There A Quick And Simple Way To Train Them?

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Doxies are adorable but also have a few personality quirks. For example, why are dachshunds so stubborn and is there a quick and simple way to train them? Are dachshunds really that problematic to deal with or are they actually fine pets to play games with and teach commands?

Why Are Dachshunds So Stubborn?

Because they are a hound breed – that’s pretty much all there is to it. Like all other scent hounds, dachshunds were bred and trained for centuries to ignore all external stimuli, distractions, and even verbal commands while they are hunting.

This can sound counter-intuitive at first – why would a hunter want their dog to ignore verbal commands? Because, in the case of scent hounds, that improved their performance. Unlike gun dogs, retrievers, pointers, setters, and other hunting companions, both scent and sighthounds hunt best when they are not “micromanaged”. Instead, all they need is to catch the scent of their prey (or see it, in the case of sighthounds) and off they go. Everything else is just a distraction.

Why Are Dachshunds So Stubborn

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So, even though dachshunds are mostly adopted as family pets today, this breed history still affects their behavior. These dogs are – and likely always will be – much more willful, single-minded, and stubborn than most other breeds.

People often mistake this stubbornness for stupidity. Dachshunds aren’t any less smart than other breeds, however. They too are very capable of solving complex problems when they want to. That last part is key, however – dachshunds are very much like cats in that they have to first want something before they start looking for ways to accomplish it. This differentiates them from other more obedient dog breeds that literally and intuitively make our wishes their commands.

How To Train A Dachshund?

Does this inherent stubbornness make dachshunds as impossible to train as some would have you believe? No, not at all. It does mean that they require a bit more time and persistence, hence why they are never get trained as work dogs – there are just other breeds that are quicker to train.

However, if you’ve got a dachshund pet and you want to train it to be more obedient and to follow certain commands, you can very much do so. All you really need is some extensive obedience training early in your pup’s life – as soon as you get it, ideally. Even then, the obedience training will take a bit longer than with other breeds but it’s perfectly doable with enough persistence.

What If You Have An Untrained Adult Dachshund?

If your Doxie is already an adult and has never gone through any obedience training, things will be tougher. You’ll first need to train your dog’s disobedience habits out. However, it’s still doable, it will just take more time. Fortunately, dachshunds are very food-motivated so you can use this to your advantage. Don’t forget to make all training and activities pleasurable to make your dog engage in them willingly.

Should This Inherent Stubbornness Dissuade You From Getting A Dachshund?

Not really. If all you want is a family pet, a dachshund is still a fantastic option. Their stubbornness is only ever a problem if you go out of your way to make your dog anti-social, unhappy, and disobedient. As long as you give your dog adequate socialization and obedience training, however – as you should with any dog anyway – then a dachshund can be a near-perfect family companion.

If you do specifically want an extra-obedient breed, however, then there are obviously more suitable breeds. Generally speaking, all scent hounds, sighthounds, guard dogs, and terriers are difficult to train while all shepherds and gun dogs are easier to deal with.

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How do you train a stubborn Dachshund?

Slowly and persistently. We wish we could have given you a “quick and simple solution” but the fact of the matter is that dachshunds are indeed an extra willful and outright stubborn breed. This means that training them takes time and effort. However, it doesn’t mean that dachshunds aren’t as smart as other dogs or that training them is impossible.
The closest thing we can cite as a “quick tip” for training dachshunds is this – view your pet as a cross between a cat and a dog. Because, if you’ve ever owned a cat, that’s how dachshunds can indeed feel at times. So, very often the way to train them is similar to the way you deal with cats – don’t try to teach them what you want but instead trick them into thinking that the whole exercise was their idea!
This, together with how food-motivated dachshunds are, usually means that you can teach your dachshund anything you want if you make the dog want it too. Combined this with some basic obedience training early on, and you’ll find that training a dachshund isn’t all that impossible after all.

Are dachshunds obedient?

Any dog can be obedient after a bit of obedience training early in its puppyhood. That being said, dachshunds are an extra willful and stubborn breed so few people would call them “naturally obedient”. However, if you’ve played your cards right and you’ve trained your dog adequately, a dachshund can still be a smart, loyal, and obedient pet.

Why is my Dachshund so disobedient?

It’s quite literally in its genes. Dachshunds are a scent hound breed, similar to Bloodhounds and Basset hounds. Such breeds have been specifically bred for centuries to be single-minded, focused, willful, and driven. In essence – they were trained to ignore all stimuli and distractions around them, including verbal commands from people. The only things a scent hound is supposed to follow are its nose and its instincts. And the dachshund is the perfect scent hound.

Why is my Dachshund so mean?

Doxies can be temperamental and willful but there is a large gap between those qualities and being outright “mean”. If your dachshund is simply a bit opinionated and disobedient, that’s normal and can be counteracted with adequate obedience training. However, if your dog is outright mean to people, the problem is likely a lack of socialization. And if your Doxie is even mean or borderline aggressive toward you, then the obedience training becomes an absolute must. Feel free to contact a professional too.