Why Do Dachshunds Like To Sleep Under Blankets?

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Dachshunds have many funny quirks, such as their love of hiding under blankets! But just why do dachshunds like to sleep under blankets? Let’s find out!

Why Do Dachshunds Like To Sleep Under Blankets?

Dachshunds have many intriguing personality traits and behaviors – these little wiener dogs can keep us endlessly entertained with their antics! Many dachshund owners will share stories of how their sausage dogs like to burrow under blankets, but why do dachshunds like to sleep under blankets?

There are thought to be three reasons why dachshunds like to sleep under blankets. The first reason harks back to the origins of this ancient breed, which was first developed as a hunting dog. The dachshund was sent down into dens to flush out badgers and other prey, and this could be where their love of dark, confined spaces comes from!

Another reason why dachshunds like to hide under blankets is that it gives them a safe and secure place to hide. Dachshunds may seem to have big and bold personalities, but these little dogs can easily become frightened or nervous. A blanket burrow creates the perfect place to observe the world without being seen.

This may explain why some dachshunds hide under blankets, even when temperatures start to soar during the summer months. It is thought that the weight of the blanket also provides emotional comfort, helping to relieve anxiety.

Talking of temperatures, we’re onto our final reason why dachshunds like to sleep under blankets. Dachshunds are lean dogs with very little body fat, and thin, ineffective coats. These dogs really do feel the cold, even when we think the house is warm enough!

So, your dachshund may be burrowing under blankets in order to get super-cozy and snuggly and escape from any chilly drafts.

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Why Do Dachshunds Dig In Bed?

Another fun trait of dachshunds is their instinct to dig in bed, constantly rearranging their blankets and bedding! But why do dachshunds like to dig in bed?

It isn’t entirely clear why dachshunds like to dig in bed, but it is likely to be a combination of their ancient hunting instincts and their need to be comfortable. These little dogs like to be hunkered down in amongst their blankets, and will rearrange them until they are to their satisfaction.

This can be a very annoying habit if your dachshund tends to destroy its blankets in the process! However, most dachshund owners find this trait cute and endearing, and will enjoy watching their dachshund create the perfect comfortable bed to sleep on.

Can Dogs Suffocate Under The Covers?

Whether your dachshund shares your bed or prefers to sleep alone, you will find that most dachshunds like to sleep under the covers. But can dogs suffocate under the covers, or is this habit not a problem?

Whether blankets and covers pose a suffocation risk to dogs depends on their thickness and the material they are made from. As a general rule, blankets made for humans or pets are perfectly safe for dogs to sleep under, as they are normally made from breathable material.

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However, it pays to be vigilant when your dog decides to sleep under blankets. It is not unheard of for a dog to become tangled in a blanket, particularly if the claws get stuck in a knitted blanket with larger holes. If you notice your dog struggling to free itself from a blanket burrow, you may need to step in and help in order to reduce the risk of injury.

Microfiber or fleece blankets tend to be a safer option but avoid any blankets with tasseled edges that can be chewed. Puppies and young dogs may eat these tassels, which can cause an intestinal blockage and serious digestive problems.

Do Dachshunds Need Heated Blankets?

Go into any pet store and you will see that there are now many types of heated blankets and beds available for our pet dogs and cats. So, if dachshunds tend to feel the cold, is it a good idea to provide them with some extra warmth?

If your house is a normal ambient temperature where you and your family feel comfortable, it should also be warm enough for your dachshund. These little dogs will snuggle under blankets to keep warm, so a heated bed or blanket is not essential.

However, in some situations, it can be a good idea to provide some extra heat. Dogs that are older, underweight, or suffering from long-term health problems can struggle to maintain their body temperature and will appreciate a warm bed to sleep in.

When using a heated bed or blanket, it is vital that the dog has the choice of whether to sleep on it or not. Never use these devices in an enclosed space where the dog cannot move away, as they can quickly overheat.

If you find that your dog tends to find somewhere to sleep other than the heated bed, chances are it is not needed!

Take care to keep any power leads from electric heating devices out of reach of your dog to eliminate the risk of electrocution. A safer option to use is a microwavable heat pad, that provides a heat source without any electricity near your dog.

Summary – Why Do Dachshunds Like To Sleep Under Blankets?

So, as we have learned, dachshunds like to sleep under blankets for various reasons. It is thought that some dogs burrow under blankets because of their natural hunting instincts, harking back to a time when dachshunds were sent into burrows in search of prey. Other dachshunds may snuggle into blankets because it makes them feel safe and secure, whilst others might simply be trying to keep warm!

We would love to hear your thoughts on why do dachshunds like to sleep under blankets! Does your dachshund burrow blankets for a long time in an effort to get snuggly and comfy? Or maybe you’re wondering what makes the best blankets for dachshunds? Leave a comment below and we will get back to you!

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