Small Dog Breeds With Big Ears That Would Brighten Your Life

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All dogs are cute but small dogs with big ears are especially adorable. If you agree, here are 15 small dog breeds with big ears that would brighten your life. Whether you’re into tiny dogs with long ears, with fluffy ears, or with pointy ears, there’s just something irresistible in a tiny canine muzzle with a set of two enormous ears sticking out of it.

So, if you’re wondering which small dog breed is right for you, here are 15 cute suggestions.

15 Small Dog Breeds With Big Ears

Naturally, there are much more than just 15 small dog breeds with big ears. Especially if we count all the sub-breeds and various designer toy and teacup sizes, the list can go not just in the dozens but in the hundreds. However, just to get you started, these are 15 of the most popular and most adorable tiny and big-eared breeds.

1. Dachshund

Our favorite, obviously, is the dachshund. These little German sausage dogs are equal parts adorable because of their big ears, short legs, and elongated bodies. Both loving lap dogs and playful tricksters, dachshunds are a great breed for almost any family.

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2. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

This tiny and famous Spaniel breed has both long and floppy as well extra fluffy ears. While small, this breed is not a designer toy dog, even if other toy Spaniel breeds are about as big too. Unfortunately, The Cavalier Spaniel does suffer from quite a few health problems you’ll need to watch out for.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

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3. Pekingese

Coming from the Chinese capital of Peking (Beijing), the Pekingese doesn’t just have fluffy ears – it has fluffy everything. These dogs‘ hair can get so long that you may be able to tell their legs apart, let alone their ears. This only makes them more adorable, of course.

4. Beagles

Approaching the bigger half of the small dog spectrum, Beagles can grow up to 25 pounds of weight (11 kg). This is still less than the 30 pounds (13.5 kg) border to medium-sized dogs, however. And, their hanging V-shaped ears certainly earn them a spot on this list.

5. English Cocker Spaniel

This breed can be considered medium-sized given that male English Cocker Spaniels can grow up to 35 pounds (16 kg). Still, they often remain below or at the 30-pound border so we thought we’d count them. If nothing else, their long and curly ears are even more impressive given this Spaniel’s size.

6. Boston Terrier

For something more perky, the tiny Boston Terrier sports two large and adorable bat-like ears. And, with this breed’s tuxedo-like coat, the comically large ears are even funnier.

7. Toy Poodles

A toy breed through and through, these Poodles should always be bought from reputable breeders who offer health certificates. This applies to all toy and teacup breeds too. Once you get a healthy puppy, however, you can happily enjoy the long ears on its tiny head.

8. French Bulldog

The smallest member of the Bulldog family, Frenchies are the only ones that fit in the “small” category. Their ears are anything but small, however. Like the Boston Terriers, they perk up like bats’ ears and flipper happily at any sound.

9. Papillon

As gorgeous as their name suggests, Papillons have unique “butterfly” ears that are made even more captivating by the long hairs growing out of them. These tiny dogs tend to weigh under 10 pounds or just 4-5 kg.

10. Chihuahua

Chihuahuas’ ears wouldn’t be big on most other dogs’ heads but they definitely look that way on this little Mexican dog’s noggin. As trembly as the rest of this dog, the Chihuahua’s ears are incredibly funny.

11. Japanese Chin

Similar in appearance to the Pekingese, these tiny Japanese dogs tend to have different color coats. Their big and hairy ears are just as adorable, however.

Japanese Chin

12. Brussels Griffon

This Belgian rat hunter is a popular pet dog today. It’s difficult to say whether the breed’s hanging pointy ears are cuter or their majestic and stern muzzles.

13. Miniature Pinscher

For a dog with tall and long upright ears, look no further than the Miniature Pinscher. This German breed is often dubbed “The King of Toys” which is definitely applicable if you judge by intelligence and energy levels. The “ear perkiness” metric would also rank this breed at the top.

14. Shih Tzu

Shih Tzus or “Little Lions” as their name translates to have much longer ears compared to their heads than actual lions. This only gives them a more lion-like appearance, however, as these hanging hairy ears look like a lion’s mane.

15. Pembroke Welsh Corgi

The British Royal Family’s favorite dog breed has a lot of signature features. Its elongated body, its short stumpy legs, its soft fur, as well as its long and pointed ears shooting up from its large head.

Is There Anything Specific About Caring For Small Dog Breeds With Big Ears?

Every little dog with big ears has its own health and care requirements. For one, most of them come from various breed types. Many are scenthounds, a few are terriers, some are former gun dogs, and others are new designer toy breeds.

Some, like the Frenchie, are Brachycephalic breeds while others have long and healthy noses. Others, like the Dachshund and the Beagle, often have IVDD or other back problems.

All these differences are breed-specifics and have nothing to do with these canines’ ears. Naturally, you should do some research about your chosen breed’s health requirements before you commit to anything. As far as the big ears are concerned, however, this really isn’t likely to lead to any major health concerns compared to small-ear dog breeds.

The only problem with big ears and floppy ones, in particular, is that the large surface allows for more dirt accumulation. This, in turn, can lead to some ear infections that can become nasty if ignored. The way to prevent this, however, is very easy- just peek into your dog’s ears from time to time and clean them with a wet piece of cloth or a cotton ball if they are dirty.

Aside from that, your pup’s big floppers aren’t likely to require any other extra care. So, just pick your favorite breed, clean their ears, and enjoy their lovely company.

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