Impressive Long Haired Blue Merle Dachshund

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Dachshunds with long hair look quite imposing and a long haired blue merle dachshund has an even more unique aesthetic that appeals to many. Along with their elongated bodies, dachshunds also come in a wide variety of coat colors. 

The dapple coloration is an eyecatching one but it can come with health concerns. Many might ask is merle a defect in dogs or wonder do blue dachshunds have health problems? Worrying about such issues is only natural when unusual features present themselves within a breed. 

What Is A Long-Haired Blue Merle Dachshund?

On the surface level, a blue merle dachshund looks like any other dachshund but displays a more unique coloration. This often looks like patches of color from the base coat that show through. Most commonly these patches are lighter and on black coats, they look even more pronounced. 

Additionally, there is the potential of an entirely grey dachshund. This solid color is labeled as being blue and a long-haired blue merle dachshund is quite stunning. Appearance does factor in with many new dog owners, so this unusual unique color is a prized one. 

Greyish discoloration on a dog’s coat looks almost blue, hence why they are sometimes referred to as blue dachshunds. The reason why this happens is due to a recessive gene called the merle gene. Besides the color of the fur, the merle gene also changes the skin and eyes making them blue or green.  

Long Haired Blue Merle Dachshund – Types Of Colors

Even with these diversified merle coat colors, some typical patterns tend to occur with regularity. Even if there is no exact way of predicting which coloration will emerge, there are some common forms of patterns. Pondering are blue dapple Dachshunds rare heightens interest in this unusual color scheme. 

Blue Dapple

The blue dapple dachshund is a full pattern covering the coat in a combination of a light base with dark patches. The merle gene was not as conventionally met within the doxie breed, but later it became more popular. With the introduction of the merle gene, the splashes of color bring a variety of patterns. 

Silver Dachshund

Lighter shades of blue merle dachshund coat look silver and may have a blue undercoat. Dark patches also dapple this type of coat further accentuating the light color. This color mix often comes with other colors like cream or tan.

Double Papple

A dachshund that has both parents with dapple blue coats will result in a double dapple dachshund. White markings accompany the regular blue color of the doxie coat usually around the paws and neck. 


Long Haired Blue Merle Dachshund - Types Of Colors

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Long Haired Blue Merle Dachshund Prices

Dachshunds by themselves are quite popular and have a high market value. This breed has been in demand for a while with no signs of its popularity dimming. Budget is something to consider when looking for a long-haired blue merle dachshund. 

A regular coat-colored dachshund costs anywhere between 400$ to 1500$. Looking to answer the question of how much does a Blue Merle dachshund cost, we find a price closer to the more expensive side. 

Health Problems With Long Haired Blue Merle Dachshund

Although it may not seem like it, blue merle dachshund dogs can exhibit health issues due to this rare coloration. Aside from the typical health problems doxies face, like IVDD, the merle gene also contributes to some added health risks. 

Skin Problems 

The merle gene that affects coat pigmentation also has the effect of creating bald patches. The exposed skin is thus subject to UV exposure and irritation which can lead to infection. Most affected by this issue are usually doxies that experience color dilution from the gene, accompanied by alopecia

Skin problems are not a life-threatening health risk, but they can be uncomfortable. Dealing with skin issues means having to offer extra care to moisture and use sunblock on bare skin. 

Hereditary Diseases 

Color alteration of a doxie’s color due to the merle gene will also affect eye color, producing lighter eye colors like blue, or green. Lighter-tinted eyes are prone to more illness and can lead to cataracts, blindness, or glaucoma. 

Doxies with both parents that have the merle gene can have an even higher risk of encountering health problems. Double dapple dachshund is the name used to refer to this parentage and it’s important to know this before buying. 

Dependable breeders will make sure to provide the best possible mix to ensure a healthy litter. As a potential dapple doxie parent, it nonetheless does not hurt to make sure, by asking to see the parents. 


Seeking to find a unique dog is something many dog owners strive for, in trying to make it all that more special. A long-haired blue merle dachshund is one very impressive dog with its unusual color and long flowing hair. The pattern diversity alone is one feature of the merle gene that makes doxies unique in their own right. 

Being prepared for the possible health risks that come with this gene is vital, but should not be a deterrent altogether. Dapple dachshund might not ever present any health problems due to the merle gene and can lead healthy long lives. 

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Is merle a defect in dogs?

can be viewed by some as a defect. It does raise the risk of certain health issues but many owners balance that out with having a uniquely colored dog.

How much does a Blue Merle dachshund cost?

Dachshunds generally are an expensive breed, ranging between 400$ to 1500$. A blue merle dachshund can lean more closely to the expensive part of this range.

Do blue dachshunds have health problems?

Genetic health predispositions are part of many dog breeds, and the dachshund is no exception, especially since the merle gene affects them on a genetic level. Not only does this gene contribute to fur discoloration, but it also leads to alopecia.
Exposed skin is easily irritated or sunburnt and can turn to infection. Eye discoloration is another health risk that can steep to, glaucoma, cataract, and even blindness.

Are blue dapple Dachshunds rare?

The price range for blue dachshunds is so high because this coloration is a rare one. Mostly this is because it would not happen naturally but only with human intervention, so in a sense, they can be seen as designer dog features.