Jacket For Miniature Dachshund – Here Are 7 Excellent Options

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Dogs do need clothes, especially small pups such as mini Doxies. So, if you’re looking for a jacket for miniature dachshund – here are 7 excellent options. This list in no way exhausts all the great small canine jackets you can find, of course, but we hope it’d be a good starting point for your jacket search.

What’s The Best Jacket For Miniature Dachshund Dogs?

Naturally, there are thousands upon thousands of options when it comes to looking for a jacket for miniature dachshund dogs. The dog clothes industry is thriving right now, after all. However, that doesn’t mean that you can just pick anything up and go with it. Unfortunately, many of the doggy clothes sold out there, especially online, are sub-par, to say the least. So, we thought we’d form a quick list of the 7 best jackets for miniature dachshund options below to give you some ideas.

Now, here we will include both light autumn jackets and some thicker dachshund winter coat options so you can have some choice for both. If you want more dedicated winterwear for dachshunds, however, we’ve compiled a list of winter coats here. However, for a more broad list of jackets and coats, take a look at the following 7 options:

1. Essex & Fleet Waterproof Windproof Winter Dog Jacket

Light and effective, the Essex & Fleet jacket is excellent for both windy and rainy weather. It works for miniature as well as standard dachshunds too as it’s available in XS, S, and M sizes.

2. Geyecete Adjustable Lightweight Dachshund Raincoat With Reflective Straps

With a classic design and a secure belly strap, the Geyecete Doxie raincoat is long, effective, and much more lightweight than it might seem at first. It has a harness hole as well as reflective straps too.

3. Morezi Dachshund Coat

For another classic look, check out the Morezi coat. It has a padded fleece lining and comfortable and secure chest and belly adjustable bands. It’s available in many different colors and sizes too.

4. BONAWEN Fleece Dog Coat Pet Jacket Reflective For Cold Weather

Futuristic and stylish, the Bonawen dog coat is very easy to put on and off with its chest and belly straps, it’s made with a double layer of fleece, and it has reflective piping for those early winter sunsets.

5. Companet Dog Jeans Jacket

For something a bit different, take a look at this doggy jeans jacket. Is it good for a heavy winter? Of course not. But it can work well in the autumn, it’s made out of soft and comfortable denim material, and is quite dashing.

6. Norbi Pet Warm Jacket

Norbi advertises this jacket as 2-in-1 but it’s actually 3-in-1 – it’s a great warm jacket, a cozy winter coat, and it can also function as a pet harness. It comes in various sizes and colors too.

7. KYEESE Dog Jacket for Dogs

This thick winter jacket has an excellent wool lining on the inside and a Velcro design on the outside. Its size is adjustable, has a leash hole, and has a neat design that’d make your Doxie quite fashionable.

Why Do You Need A Jacket For Miniature Dachshund?

Of course, for a lot of people this article and list would have raised the question of “Why do dogs need jackets anyway, they have fur don’t they?!” That one is often followed by “Wolves don’t wear clothes when they are out in the tundra, after all.”

And that’s true. If we ignore the fact that wolves don’t exactly lead the healthiest and longest lives out in the tundra as well as that miniature dachshunds are as far away from wolves as house cats are from leopards.

So, if you have a mini Doxie and you live somewhere with a colder or even just moderate climate, you definitely need to get your dog a jacket and maybe even a winter coat. Some would go for shoes too as the dog’s paws are its most susceptible to cold body parts.

However, miniature dachshunds don’t need to spend that much time outside, especially in heavy cold weather anyway so you may be fine skipping the boots. After a certain point, the temperatures outside are so cold that it’s better to just let your dog go to the human bathroom for its business during winter.

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Do miniature dachshunds need a coat?

Unless you live in a tropical or sub-tropical region, your dachshund will need a coat for the colder months. In fact, even in sub-tropical climates, chances are that having a coat just in case is a good idea for the occasional colder day out. This becomes even more so the case if you have a short (smooth) haired dachshund.
People often make the mistake that since dachshunds are a German breed, they are therefore used to cold weather. But, of course, the German badger hunters didn’t exactly use these dogs in the deepest winters – they kept them warm and cozy during those months. And you should do the same, especially with a pup that’s both miniature and has short hair.

When should dachshunds wear a coat?

Generally speaking, anything below 50o F or 10o C will be uncomfortably cold for a miniature dachshund. Anything under 32o F or 0o C, in particular, should definitely be a cause for concern. Added factors include wind and humidity too. In an overly harsh weather, even having a light jacket over your dachshund may not be enough – you’d either need a heavy winter coat or – even better – you should get your dog back indoors.
Look at it this way – if it’s too cold for your hands, feet, and face, it’s too cold for a 10-pound short-haired puppy.

Do mini Dachshunds get cold easily?

While mini Doxies are not as notoriously bad in cold weather as Chihuahuas, they are not cold-resistant either. Don’t let the fact that dachshunds come from Germany confuse you – these dogs are still vulnerable to cold weather and/or strong wind. So, having a nice jacket for miniature dachshund on hand is always a good idea.